Magswitch AR30 Laser Fixture Tool – 81401134

Experience increased quality and efficiency with our Laser Fixture Tool! Magswitch designed tools for laser applications to enhance process quality and efficiency. These tools can be applied in both laser welding and cutting operations.

Features & Benefits
• Increased process efficiency by reducing non-value added times
• Magswitch tools clamp inside perimeter of the part allowing for optimized laser path
• Faster manual loading and automatic clamping
• Improved repeatability of process and part accuracy
• No moving parts (clamp arms) during process guarantees static part location improving quality of final product.

This product replaces 8140788.

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Max Breakaway* 134 lbs/60.9 kg
Working Load 4:1* 33.5 lbs/15.2 kg
Full Saturation Thickness 10 ga/3.5 mm
Max Shear 2:1* 15 lbs/6.8 kg
Minimum Thickness for De-Stack 10 ga/3.5 mm
Min Actuation Pressure 21 psi/1.45×105 pa
Max Actuation Pressure 100 psi/6.9×105 pa
Off Target Actuation Pressure 48 psi/3.3×105 pa
Net Weight 2.42 lbs/1.1 kg
Air Port Thread M5x0.8
Mounting Thread 2-8mm Dowel / 1-M8 Clearance Hole
Overall Height 145 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint 36×31.2 mm


* Max Breakaway determined in laboratory environment on 2” thick SAE1018 Steel with surface roughness 63 micro inches. Many factors contribute to the actual breakaway force in each application. Always test the magswitch in each application before deployment.  Refer to the magswitch information booklet for more information.



AR30 Laser Fixture Tool Spec Sheet
MIS Declaration of Incorporation – Assembly Manual

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