There is no equal to Magswitch. We get so much positive feedback about our Magswitch products. Magswitch users attest to the product's value in safety, convenience and versatility. Read just some of the praise for Magswitch ...

The magnets are a super product. I use them for metal and woodwork. Why didn't you come out with them 20 years ago? They sure solved a lot of grief setting up jigs. My hat is off to you.....
Ron Horinek

"It is an absolutely amazing product - of all the tools I have purchased in the last 5 years this one makes me happiest because it works. Thank you for making woodworking safe and easy again!"
Gary Foster - Tucson Az

"Please let me know where I can purchase your Mag Jigs. I already have the featherboards and love them. I have several jigs that I can use the Mag Jigs on and would love to try them out. Thank you for your help and thank you for bringing this product to the US."
Derek Arita – California, USA

"I have purchased two Pro Models, one vertical attachment and one Standard Model. They work really well on my Robland X-31 combo machine. Good writeup in Wood Magazine. Good luck. Cheers for now."
Donald McDougall – Arizona USA

I have purchased your magswitch horizontal and vertical featherboards and they are great. I would like to see other products!"
Jim Gotfredson – Idaho, USA

"I firmly believe that this is a global technology and as such would encourage you to set aside 30mins ... to see a number of working prototypes first hand...I take great pleasure in extending this invitation to you, and hope you can make some time available to see what may well be a revolutionary technology."
The Hon. Mark Vaile MP, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Services, Leader of the National Party of Australia

We've been working with Magswitch for almost 2 years in adapting their unique magnet technology to gripper applications for both Ergo Arms, and Robot End Effectors. I originally saw Magswitch in a trade magazine article. It was apparent that this technology presented a lot of opportunity for cost savings in reducing air/energy costs versus vacuum systems, and greatly improving component life in a harsh weld environment versus mechanical grippers. I'm excited at the potential benefits of Magswitch grippers, and look forward to using them in our production line.
Rick Hensley, BIW Tool & Process Engineer, DaimlerChrysler

Magswitch has been a willing and able supporter of the Rus Robotics Laboratory, a part of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT for which we are very grateful of the support. Magswitch products are being used as a grip & detach system in our self-disassembling cube project and this provides significant benefits over and above electromagnetic systems in terms of energy consumption as it does not require constant power to maintain magnetic hold. Magswitch is an exciting technology and has many applications, Materials Handling and Industrial automation are clearly a great fit.
Dr. Keith Kotay, Rus Robotics Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"I've been using your Pro featherboard with riser attachment for about a month now and it is exceptional. I've recommended it to everyone I speak with. [Now] I'd like to get one of your large magsquares and try it out ..."
J. Bianchi, Texas

"Thanks for being at the Woodwork show, the Magswitch has helped solve one of the clubs safety hassles ..."
Bruce Hartland, Waverly Woodworkers Inc.

"Due to the products you offer and your outstanding application/engineering support, I would recommend Magswitch to anyone as an ideal magnet manufacturer."
David Isaacson, ENTEGEE


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"The Magswitch will have applications that have not previously been possible, or considered practical, in the same way that the zipper replaced buttons many years ago, or in the same way epoxy resins replaced animal glues."
A/Professor RC Cross, School of Physics UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY

"Many [Museum] visitors have remarked to me that they have been impressed by the versatility, ease of use, strength of the product and the advantage of not requiring a power source to operate the Magswitch."

"...a very exciting product which has enormous potential in domestic and international markets...I believe that this concept will have extensive industrial and other application(s), and that Australia could lead the world in the development and production of this particular technology"
Mr. Andrew Stoner MP, Member for Oxley, Parliament of New South Wales, Legislative Assembly.

"...looks an absolute winner! It is a simple design that has so many potential practical applications..."
Mr. Robert Oakeshott MP, Member for Port Macquarie, Parliament of New South Wales, Legislative Assembly.

"Having been a commercial diver I am well aware of the problems associated with the location of welding earth points on the hull of a smooth ship or other uncompromising surface. This is exacerbated when the welding clamp is not strong enough to hold the weight of the earth lead trailing through the water...I have found the application of your magnet to be extremely wide in the engineering industry, there are many situations where electricity is not available for conventional electro-magnets, where the cost cannot be justified, or other means of holding are used. Portability, size, convenience and ease of use are very strong points in favour of your product."
Doug Lawford, Managing Director, Concept Diesels.

"As owner and operator of an auto electrical business for the past 10 years, I am familiar with electric welding procedures... have shown me a prototype of a welding clamp which can be demagnetised at will. I was amazed as I had never seen such a device before. This clamp would solve many of the problems which we experience in our welding activities where we use a variety of alligator type ground clamps...it will soon find a large market in the welding industry"
Peter Palmer, Transit Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning.

"Thank you for taking care of this so quickly! You have an obvious commitment to quality and customer service! I have since ordered 2 additional accessories and will be very comfortable ordering more as my project needs dictate. It a real pleasure dealing with a company who cares so much about their product and more so about their customers!" 
Derek Bolan.