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Max Breakaway: 134.0 lbs/60.9 kg
Working Load 4:1: 33.5 lbs/15.2 kg
Full Saturation Thickness: 10.0 ga/3.5 mm
Max Shear 2:1: 15.0 lbs/6.8 kg
Minimum Thickness for De-Stack: 10.0 ga/2.6 mm
Min Actuation Pressure: 40.0 psi/2.75×105pa
Max Actuation Pressure: 100.0 psi/6.9×105pa
Off Target Actuation Pressure: 100.0 psi/6.9×105pa
Net Weight: 1.32 lbs/0.6 kg
Air Port Thread: M5x0.8
NAAMS Mount: 3: M8x1.25/2:∅6.0
Overall Height: 128.0 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint: 36.0×31.2 mm


Product Description

Magswitch “AR” series is explicitly designed for use with pole shoes. Pole shoes must be attached to the unit in order to maximize breakaway force and minimize residual magnetism. Each Magswitch “AR” unit comes equipped with one set of dual purpose pole shoes for flat or pipe/round stock. Simply flip the pole shoes around so the V shape is exposed for use on pipe and other rounds. The “AR” series allows complete customization of pole shapes to provide the best hold on your hard to grip parts. The NAAMS Mount is a universal, consistent, and precision effective way to attach these devices to robots and other mounts.

Note: You may have to design and fabricate custom pole shoes depending on your application for optimal performance.