8140677 - AR15 NAAMS


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Max Breakaway: 37.5 lbs/17.0 kg
Working Load 4:1: 9.4 lbs/4.3 kg
Full Saturation Thickness: 12 ga/2.7 mm
Max Shear 2:1: 5.2 lbs/2.4 kg
Minimum Thickness for De-Stack: 12 ga/2.7 mm
Min Actuation Pressure: 16 psi/1.1×105 pa
Max Actuation Pressure: 100 psi/6.9x105pa
Off Target Actuation Pressure: 42 psi/2.9×105 pa
Net Weight: 0.64 lbs/0.29 kg
Air Port Thread: M5x0.8
NAAMS Mount: 4: M8x1.25/4:∅6.0
Overall Height: 78 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint: 25×16 mm

(Available in High Heat: #8140717)

Product Description

The ”AR” contains a rectangular housing with removable pole shoes, which work well with irregularly shaped surfaces: pipes, cylinders, etc. This toll is the best choice when no flat area exists on the target. With three possible work faces, the tools provide tremendous flexibility for multiple end of arm applications.