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News & Media

    Magswitch Technology Names Joseph Cyrek President of Automation Company

    Joseph Cyrek recently joined the international company, Magswitch Technology as president of Magswitch Integrated Solutions (MIS). The company offers significant new capabilities and tremendous improvements in a variety of automation applications. As the new president of MIS, Cyrek will oversee the company’s global business operations with a strong emphasis on sales
    growth. He will also oversee the role out of the all new Magswitch “smart” tool lineup in 2016.

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    A Changing Environment: The old saying “the only constant is change” and speed of change to us old baby boomers has never been greater than now. Don’t get caught waiting for this trend of rising agility within the marketplace to end, the pace of change will continue to increase.

    As an OEM with sales in over fifteen global markets around the world, we at Magswitch know it’s not enough to have great products today. You need to be developing the next generation of products for tomorrow, and for distribution and dealers it’s no different.

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