New Magnet Technology

Magswitch is focused on new technology development as one of its core objectives. Pursuant to this, Magswitch has just announced the building of a new research and development facility in Ingolstadt, Germany. This new facility coming online in 2014 will house an additional team of engineers, full machining capabilities, and multiple 6-axis robots for use in product testing as well as proving new process concepts utilizing Magswitch designed to push automated manufacturing into the future.

The current efforts of the Magswitch engineering team is to improve upon existing lifting magnet technology in four areas: size, weight, shear strength, and field depth. The first prototype unit, the SF-600, was unveiled at FABTech 2013. This design reduced lifter weight by X%, trimmed dimensions by Y%, increased shear strength by Z%, and reduced field depth requirements in half.  As a credit to the Magswitch team of engineers, this design was completed from concept to prototype in 4 weeks.

Don’t expect to see this lifter at your local supplier just yet as Magswitch is dedicated to improving safety within the industry as well as quality in design.

High Heat Capability: Magswitch has released a new line of tools designed to withstand the harsh environments of a high heat application. The standard tool was capable of withstanding heating to a constant temperature of 80C before permanent degradation occurred. Now, with advancements in magnet production technology, Magswitch is able to offer the UH and EH series of magnets. The UH tools will be found throughout the manual line and are capable of withstanding temperatures of 180C. The EH tools are only found in the automation line and are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200C. Magswitch currently has these tools on test at Audi handling a 900C stamping in a press to press transfer. Check back for more information and videos of this tool in action!

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