1999 Research into the core Magswitch technology, possible applications and protection.

2003 Granted the first Magswitch patent and commenced strategy.

2004 Magswitch Technology is founded in Austrailia

2005 Opened office in Colorado, USA & commenced development of the manufacturing process to identify simple applications for thetechnology.

2006 Opened Korea Branch

2006 Established manufacturing in Hangzhou, China

2006 Commenced sale of first products in the US market including a range of tools for automation and shipyards

2008 Expanded product line of welding a lifting tools.

2009 CEO David Morton assumes full responsibility for day-to-day operations.

2009 Commenced new marketing and brand strategy

2009 ISO 9001 accreditation enables for more technical products, better value & higher margins.

2010 Magswitch Technology expands global distribution.

2012 Launched a range of automation tools in Michigan, USA.

2013 Opened an R&D facility in Ingolstadt, Germany dedicated to the next generation of tools.

2015 Expands into new corporate headquarters in Lafayette, Colorado.