Magswitch is the world’s most advanced switchable magnet technology. Magswitch magnet products are light and very strong, precise and easy to use. So versatile, Magswitch magnets are the magic inside an ever increasing range of products. The technology involved is new and superior. If you can’t find a suitable answer to your question about Magswitch magnets here in our FAQs, please email us your enquiry.

faqsQ) What is a Magswitch
A) In basic terms a Magswitch is a device that allows a magnetic field to be turned on and off mechanically like an electromagnet but with no need for ongoing power to sustain a strong magnetic field. Like no other Magswitch is super strong for its size exhibiting up to 5 times the power of other magnet systems.

Q) How strong are Magswitch magnets?
A) Due to its unique design the Magswitch can hold in excess of 250 times its own weight. One typical version weighs less than 200 grams but can hold over 50 kilograms. Different sizes and versions are available to suit particular applications.

Q) Is Magswitch an electromagnet
A) No. The intrinsic safety and independence from any external power source of the Magswitch allows in cases to replace many existing electromagnets in accordance with the need to develop ecological sustainability and improved performance.

Q) What methods are available to turn on a magswitch?
A) There are many different methods to activate a magswitch – from a manual knob or t-handle like those used on our welding clamps, workholding clamps and magjigs; pneumatic actuators such as those used in our industrial automation equipment that can actuate either individual magswitch’s or many magswitch’s at any given time.

Q) I’ve seen magnetic chucks and indicator bases used in engineering shops – are these the same as a magswitch?
A) No – in short, they perform a similar task in that they can be used for controlling a permanent magnetic field in on and off states, however, because of the way Magswitch was engineered, it is intrinsically less complex in it’s componentry, contains much less material and is significantly stronger than these devices. In effect Magswitch devices exhibit approximately 5 times stronger holding force than it’s competitors meaning it can be deployed in a much wider range of applications with less space, material, and weight required.

Q) Who should I speak with if I have an application that would be enhanced by using Magswitch?
A) David Morton CEO (303) 468 0662 or ceo@magswitch.com.au

Q) Are there any safety issues I should be aware of in using a Magswitch?
A) In brief, Magswitch often provides many safety benefits over conventional technologies in it’s application but there are a few rules of thumb that should be observed.

a) Don’t heat your magswitch excessively – ie over 80 degrees Celsius. This can cause damage to the internal mechanism and diminish the magnetic output. If your application requires heating above this level, you should contact your nearest Magswitch office as there are a number of ways the unit can be shielded from excessive heat.

b) Keep your magswitch away from sensitive electronic devices & magnetic media such as computer moniters, televisions, CPU’s and of course hard drives. This will help ensure that any stray magnetic fields do not cause damage. A good idea is to treat your magswitch when turned on with the same care as you would any other magnet.

c) Store your magswitch in the off position – again, this will help ensure that magswitch doesn’t inadvertently pinch fingers or cause problems with sensitive electronics.

d) Magswitch’s can be extremely powerful – always turn your magswith on when it is mated against its’ work surface or target as this will minimize potential for pinching fingers or other body parts.

Q) How do I find the Magswitch that is right for my application?
A) David Morton CEO (303) 468 0662 or ceo@magswitch.com.au