Magswitch Technology, the world leader in manufacturing and solution provision in switchable magnetics, introduces its brand-new Magswitch MagDrill Smart Disruptor 30. Among its many benefits, the highly anticipated tool utilizes patented shallow-field magnetic technology that offers incredibly strong grip, even on steel as thin as 1/8 inch. Also, the patent-pending base automatically pivots to conform to any pipe 3 inch or larger. The pivoting base can be used on the outside of pipe or the inside of curved surfaces. The magnets do not require electricity, so all the power goes to the motor. This also offers increased safety as the tool will not release from the target material in the event of an unintentional power loss. The magnets can be turned partially on, so the user can fine-tune the exact placement of the cutter head prior to fully engaging the magnets. When the magnets are turned to the “off” position, they are completely off for easy cleanup of steel shavings. Additionally, one magnet can be turned off at a time which allows the user to pivot the drill away to clear away shavings, inspect the hole or change tooling, while the other magnet holds the weight of the tool.

In addition to the basic features of the standard Disruptor 30, Magswitch has now implemented a smart real time feedback system that only allows the user to drill when the magnets have been turned fully on and have strong enough grip. In an event where too much force is applied to the drill causing the magnets to pry off the surface, the smart feedback system will cut the power to the motor, keeping the user safe. The user will not be able to drill again until the unit has been repositioned with the magnets properly engaged. The different safety states are indicated by a red, yellow, or green LED as well as a warning buzzer. Finally, its standard ¾ inch Weldon spindle will accept most cutters.


SAFER: No power is required for the magnets so if there is a power loss the drill will remain in place. The user cannot drill when the magnets are not properly engaged. The drill motor will stop if the drill pries off the surface.

LIGHTER: Lightest drill in the market weighing in at just under 25 lbs.

COST EFFECTIVE: The patented pending base magnets swivel so it can be used on flat as well as curved surfaces without the need for expensive adaptors.

EASY TO USE: The base magnets can be ‘partially actuated’ in order to slide the drill into precise position.

PRODUCTIVE: No adaptors are needed for pipe and no backer plates are needed for thin material, which significantly reduces setup time.

Magswitch Technology has sparked groundbreaking advancements in technology challenging conventional clamping and fit up methods in all steel fabrication by a commitment to continual improvement in the safety, productivity, and efficiency for the Industries in which we operate. Magswitch continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning products and professional applications. Magswitch provides simple solutions that encompass safety, as well a commitment to Green Technology, by utilizing the enduring power of rare earth magnets without electricity.  Every Magswitch product is proudly designed, developed, manufactured and tested by Magswitch to ISO 9001:2015 standards. For more information about the company and its related products, visit or email

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