Magswitch Technology Names Joseph Cyrek President of Automation Company

Joseph Cyrek recently joined the international company, Magswitch Technology as president of Magswitch Integrated Solutions (MIS). The company offers significant new capabilities and tremendous improvements in a variety of automation applications. As the new president of MIS, Cyrek will oversee the company’s global business operations with a strong emphasis on sales
growth. He will also oversee the role out of the all new Magswitch “smart” tool lineup in 2016.

“Joe brings valuable knowledge and experience to our global team,” said Magswitch Technology Worldwide CEO David Morton. “He has a large network and strong experience which will play an Joseph Cyrekimportant role in leading the company forward globally.”

“As an industry veteran I am well aware of the significance of this technology and I am honored to be part of the role out of the Magswitch “smart” tool product family in 2016,” said Cyrek. “This will be a major “next” change for Magswitch in meeting the needs of the automation industry well into the future. It will assist major OEMs to achieve ISO 50001 energy efficiency standards. The new platform is based on five years of development and will give real time tool monitoring via on board smart analysis software that will add flexibility, performance and efficiency while focusing on the core strength of the proprietary magnetic switching technology.”

Previously, he worked for Recognition Robotics as the vice president, where he oversaw the company’s business operations. Cyrek has nearly 20 years of experience working in the robotics and automation industries. His previous work experience includes prominent companies such as Ford Motor Company, Kawasaki Robotics USA and Comau Inc.

Magswitch Integrated Solution tools bring the power and versatility of Magswitch Technology to the automation world. Lighter and more powerful, Magswitch products offer significant higher tool flexibility, lower energy, lower capital costs, lower down time and faster cycle counts, when compared to vacuum and mechanical gripping alternatives that proliferate the automation industry. Additionally, Magswitch products delivering tremendous improvements in a variety of applications such as pick-and-place, bin picking, press transfer and high temperature component handling. The powerful and lightweight tools in the integrated solutions line make it possible to integrate magnetic technology where they weren’t previously applied.



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